The Remediation and Rehabilitation of Delta Solb School at Shoubra El Kheima, Qalyoubia.

  1. Date of Signing Contract: 10th of June 2006.
  2. Contract role: Project Management for AAEC J.V. Eamic.
  3. Contract Duration: 92 calendar days from the date of site handover.
  4. Date of Completion: 17th of September 2006.
  5. Value of the total contract at completion: Over 2 million L.E.
  6. Name of Employer: AMA Arab Environment Co. (AAEC)
  7. Employer Address: 6 El Sad El Aali st., Dokki, Cairo-Egypt.
  8. Project Owner: LIFE Lead (USAID)
  9. Scope of work:
    • The work scope comprised the remediation activities of Cadmium and Arsenic contamination at EI Delta Solb School located at Shoubra EI Kheima, Qalyoubia. The work comprised playground and buildings remediation.
    • The working safety level during this process was kept at level C under a strict air and noise monitoring control to prevent any contamination or harming to the environment and the workers employed, which affected the normal rates of productivity. A decontamination station and water coagulation system was mobilized for the purpose of preventing the pollution to get out of the school area.
    • Upon completion of the remediation activities and after the Engineer inspection and approval, the renovation and restoration activities took place at safety level D to rehabilitate the school buildings and fences and place a hard cap on the playground areas.
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