Modern E-learning and Seminar Hall at Alexandria Law Faculty (Al Furqan Hall).

  1. Start Date: August 2008.
  2. Company role: Turnkey Project including design.
  3. Project Duration: 3 Months.
  4. Date of Completion: October 2008.
  5. Value of the total contract at completion: Approx. 800 thousands L.E.
  6. Name of Employer: Al Furqan Charity Association
  7. The cost of this project has been donated by Al Furqan charity Association headed by Dr. Zaki Yamani, former Saudi Oil Minister as Fame had cooperated and contributed with the effort to carry out this work to the latest technical level.
  8. Scope of work:
    • The primary scope of the project for Fame was to support the capacity of the free education, conferences, and post graduated studies at Alexandria Law Faculty through providing a state of art educational environment in line with the latest international standards.
    • The project activities included the rehabilitation of a limited lectures hall (about 100 square meters) as well as the full upgrade, furnishing and installation of all necessary networks, educational equipment and systems such as, data networks, LCD monitors, electronic devices to record, present and monitor lectures and presentations in addition to audio and video equipment suitable for e-learning conferences and seminars.
    • A full civil works upgrade has taken place to allow a comfortable and modern environment; walls have been covered with laminated wooden cladding, two steps have been formed, floors have been covered with high density laminated sheets (HDL) resistible to friction and scratch as well as the installation of Armstrong fall ceiling tiles system, full upgrade of the electric wiring, circuits and lighting fixtures, installation of modern air conditions units, cinema chairs, continuous wooden tables and high quality isolated aluminum windows.
    • The activities also included the renovation and upgrade of the Main Corridor and the Administration Office which has been furnished and equipped with computers, data network, computer server and peripherals and printers as well as telephone network and system. As for the second floor main hall and corridor; the floor has been replaced by decorative granite, the walls have been painted, some gypsum board walls have been placed, as well as lighting fixtures, air-condition units, aluminum windows, glass and wooden doors.
    • In addition to the mentioned above, new electrical cabling network have been installed as well as the necessary electrical panels and conventional fire alarm system.
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