The Remediation and Rehabilitation of El Shahid Ahmed Shaalan School at Shoubra El Kheima, Qalyoubia.

  1. Date of Signing Contract: 3rd of June 2005.
  2. Contract role: Project Management for AAEC J.V. Eamic.
  3. Contract Duration: 70 calendar days from the date of site handover.
  4. Date of Completion: 20th of September 2005.
  5. Value of the total contract at completion: Over 2 million L.E.
  6. Name of Employer: AMA Arab Environment Co. (AAEC)
  7. Employer Address: 6 El Sad El Aali st., Dokki, Cairo-Egypt.
  8. Project Owner: LIFE Lead (USAID)
  9. Scope of work:
    • Prior to the project tendering and technical proposal preparation, FAME technical team assisted in a special training for two weeks prepared by USAID. The main aim of the professional training and the sequential series of remediation projects, primary implemented in Egypt, were for capacity building of local companies.
    • The project work scope comprised the remediation activities of lead contamination for the buildings, fences and playground of EI Shahid Ahmed Shaalan School located at Shoubra EI Kheima, Qalyoubia as well as the complete renovation activities after achieving the targeted remediation levels.
    • The working safety level during this process was kept at level C under a strict air and noise monitoring control to prevent any contamination or harming to the environment and the workers employed, which affected the normal rates of productivity. A decontamination station and water sedimentation system was mobilized for the purpose of preventing the pollution to get out of the school area.
    • Upon completion of the remediation activities and after the Engineer inspection and approval, the renovation and restoration activities took place at safety level D to rehabilitate the school buildings and fences and place a hard cap on the playground area and a soft cap for the landscaped areas.
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