The Dismantling and Transportation of Asbestos at Petrobel Fields.

  1. Date of Signing Contract: 12h of December 2006.
  2. Contract role: Project Management for AAEC
  3. Contract Duration: Two years on call out basis.
  4. Date of Completion: 12th of December 2008.
  5. Value of the total contract at completion: Over 0.5 million L.E.
  6. Name of Employer: AMA Arab Environment Co. (AAEC)
  7. Employer Address: 6 El Sad El Aali st., Dokki, Cairo-Egypt.
  8. Project Owner: Petrobel
  9. Scope of work:
    • The work scope comprised the dismantling and removal of an estimated quantity of 500 tons of Asbestos Sheets out of Petrobel Fields, as well as packing and transportation of the said material to El Nasserya Hazardous Waste Landfill at Alexandria upon wrapping the sheets in a polyethylene sheets.
    • The dismantling work activities will be done under level C of protection control to prevent any contamination or harming to the environment and the workers employed, which have series health impacts especially on the respiratory system. A decontamination station was mobilized for the purpose of preventing the pollution from getting out of the contaminated site and prevent cross contamination.
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